Bethany Lutheran, Naperville, IL
The full service of Bethany Lutheran Church, Naperville, IL (outside of Chicago), a member of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod (LCMS). Our church is a confessional, liturgical Lutheran church with excellent music focusing on Christ crucified for our sins.
Pastor Schumacher preaches on Romans 1:16-17. Bulletin.
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Are you enjoying listening the podcasts of Bethany's services? Is there an ineffable je ne sais quoi (translation: an indescribable something or other) to them that you would like to describe to the world? Do you need peripheral practice producing perfectly polished prose? Perhaps I ought to pull the plug on this painful paragraph?

What I'm trying to say is: you can both review and rate us on iTunes and on other podcast listing services. For iTunes you will need an iTunes account. Go to iTunes, search for "Bethany Naperville" (I find this the most direct route), and in the bottom you will find a link for Customer Reviews.

Reviews and ratings are helpful in a number of ways. Along with subscribing through the iTunes store, these can improve our search ranking so that we will show up higher on salient searches. Ratings and reviews also provide prospective listeners the opportunity to see if this is really what they are looking for - some may be looking for full, liturgical services from a confessing church but others may be looking instead for inspirational, purpose-driven, call-to-action sermons without the peripheral trappings of a church service. Proper reviews can help each steer in the correct direction.

So if you're literary minded, go to your favorite podcast directory and review us. If you're more up to "chicken or fish?" today, iTunes and other directories will let you do a quick 1-to-5 star rating.

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Trinity Sunday!
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Pastor Rossow preaches on the Genesis 1 creation account and on how the trinity figures into it.

Bulletin not yet available.

We lost a bit of the distribution hymns and the Proclaim choir performing "Ubi Caritas," which was very beautiful. Sorry about that.
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Pentecost - May 11, 2008 9AM Pentecost Sunday. Pastor Schumacher preaches. Bulletin.
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This is the youth confirmation service. Bulletin
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We will be publishing the special 11:00 service - the confirmation service - real soon now. Haven't had a chance to finish it yet.
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Bulletin for May 4, 2008 9AM Here is the bulletin for May 4, 2008, 9AM
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Pastor Rossow speaks on how Peter warns us that there will be much persecution for us as believers in Christ in an increasingly secular world.
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