Bethany Lutheran, Naperville, IL
The full service of Bethany Lutheran Church, Naperville, IL (outside of Chicago), a member of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod (LCMS). Our church is a confessional, liturgical Lutheran church with excellent music focusing on Christ crucified for our sins.

Pastor Schumacher sermon on "who do we listen to?".  God said, "this is my beloved Son; listen to him."


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The divine service - absolution, music, response, liturgy, readings, sermon, communion. We don't do it because it's beautiful, that's not the point. But I have never found anything so moving as a well done liturgical service. Taken from the word, it is filled with truth and meaning both sung and spoken.

This was a remarkably good liturgical service.
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Pastor Todd Wilken gave an insightful talk into all things Lutheran and all thing Missouri Synod.
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A nuts and bolts look at Chris Rosebrough's plan for world domination through Pirate Christian Radio
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The commeration of Priscilla, Aquilla and Apollos. Phillip Magness on organ.

Great psalms. Get hymns. Great liturgy. Great sermon. This is what being a Lutheran is all about.

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Chris Rosebrough speaks on Becoming a Lutheran, and runs out of time before speaking on Building a Lutheran Radio Station
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